Weather obsessed

By Graham and Fiona Lappin, January 21, 2016

That reputation that we Brits have for talking constantly about the weather is justified, we now know. Up here (I sometimes talk about England as another place somewhere far south) in farming country there’s good reason to be weather obsessed; life revolves around it. But the last few months of heavy rain have taken their toll with homes and businesses in Kendal, Lancaster and Carlisle still suffering many weeks on. We escaped relatively unscathed and the last few days of sun and snow have looked even more beautiful after those seemingly endless damp dark days.

20160117_104621 20160117_104407 20160117_102722

The landscapers arrived in the New Year fog and within hours they had built a new stock fence and created the beginnings of a garden with a lovely view in what was previously a steep muddy bank. Soon we’ll have a terrace, and gravel! And maybe no mud?


In other news, there is frantic activity inside the house with joiners, plumbers, sparkies, tilers and decorators tripping over each other with the finish line in sight. Our first guests arrive in three weeks; beds and carpets also arrive ‘in three weeks’ and the kitchen is still in a box. But the Baavets (more on this in a separate post) are on their way and we have plenty of wood for the fires so we can guarantee a cosy experience if nothing else.


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