The Malabar

By Graham and Fiona Lappin, December 13, 2015

We didn’t quite manage it on our own, but somebody who knows a lot about these things pointed out that India kept coming up in conversation, and that it needed to form a part of the identity of our brand. We’ve been looking for a tea supplier for months because we want to serve the best; we’ve been remembering the exceptional service and welcome we received almost every time we travelled around India; we’ve been unpacking the hand-embroidered bed linen from Calcutta; we’ve realised how important the glorious recipes in Tasting India (Christine Manfield) are during the winter months in the north of England. And we chose the paint colour for the hallway months ago: India Yellow.


What we won’t do at The Malabar is shove India down our guests throats. It will merely be the back story and the glue that holds it all together. Garths Farm has been here for hundreds of years and we are just one of its custodians. It will have a new lease of life, but nothing will take away from the fact that the barn is a monument to the craftsmanship that existed centuries ago and has been so lovingly treated by our builder Josh and his team. This early 21st century edition will be restful, warm and a little spirited. Meet The Malabar: A place in the country. Please sign up for news and offers here.



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