Red and yellow and pink, no grey!

By Graham and Fiona Lappin, April 13, 2016

We’ve been showing a lot of people around: friends, family, food/fire/hotel inspectors, telecom engineers, Times journalists. They all want to have a good look at what we’ve done and they all seem to have a bit of an opinion on colour. Who knew that a yellow bath would cause so much excitement! And that our shower trays – the first in the country apparently – would fit in so well and not draw any gasps of horror (well we haven’t heard any yet). We are so lucky with the proportions of our bathrooms: there’s plenty of room to dance around, practice yoga, just enjoy the space.


Erica the architect was so clever with the addition of sliding barn doors into each one, creating an open plan experience if you want it, or not.

20160112_101410  TM-Room-03

Then there was Phil from Aquajade. ‘I know exactly what you’re going to want’ he announced when I walked into his showroom, suggesting he would do all he could to persuade me against it. One of those? I asked pointing at a beautiful boat bath in the corner of the showroom. Phil sighed.


He was persuasive, having installed bathrooms into some of the best hotels in the area. They are difficult to clean behind, he said. Guests have been known to pull the taps out of the floor, he warned. Where do you put your glass of wine? he asked. That was the final straw for me (He got Graham at ‘They are three times the price of a normal bath!’). ‘You have to let me have just one,’ I pleaded, imagining soaking in a tub in the middle of a large bathroom watching the sun set behind the sycamores in our field. As it turned out I got 6 of them, not because Phil was wrong but because he very cleverly made them work better than a normal bath would have done and somehow for the same price.

20150615_071430 20151203_140541

Phil is a clever man. His attention to detail is incredible. He is utterly practical but very interested in style. However, he is a man who likes grey and chrome, and I’m not. ‘You’ve got to forget what you like,’ he suggested. With the bath debacle still going on, we had to sidestep and look at shower trays. This is going to be easy, I thought, having already decided on white wet room spaces. ‘Just don’t go for white,’ he said. Many hours later he picked up the phone to find out when the grey/mocha/cappuccino trays we picked out would be ready, forgetting Italy was closed for August. Enter Zuzana, Phil’s partner, with a catalogue from a new rep. No-one in the UK had used them before but we (Zuzana and I) took one look at the colour range and scrapped everything we had picked out and started from scratch. I wasn’t sure about the NY Taxi yellow but how stunning it looks against our grey stonework and Phil’s grey (ish) tiles (I only agreed to them because they’ve got a bit of yellow in them).


Our bedrooms are really quite nice, but isn’t it great to get to a place, put down your suitcase, peek into the bathroom and be thrilled? We really hope our guests will be …







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