How do you like your eggs in the morning?

By Graham and Fiona Lappin, October 11, 2015

We’ve been thinking a lot about breakfast lately. It sets the tone for the day and we know how important it will be to get it all right, for all our guests. Some people might not enjoy the ideal of a communal experience first thing, but is there anything worse than small tables for two scattered around a large dining room, couples sitting in silence not daring to make a sound? There’s a danger in asking for opinions – we really won’t be able to please everybody – but if the majority of our visitors want to see haggis and kippers on the menu we need to know! Here’s what we want to do, and we would love to hear what you think:


Bed Tea: We can’t ignore the fact that Graham grew up on a tea plantation. How about a fresh pot of tea first thing? Let us know what time you would like it and we will knock on your door and leave a tray outside your room. It saves you the trouble of boiling the kettle!


Talking of tea: Those trays with a few sad tea bags and UHT milk in the corner of a hotel bedroom really don’t hit the spot. How about a well stocked tea/coffee station on each floor? We loved the offering at The Rectory in the Cotswolds where we could help ourselves to Brew Company teas (black, green, mint and chai) and Nespreso coffee.

The Menu: Would you be happy to place your breakfast order the night before? You can always change your mind in the morning but we plan to leave menus in the rooms so you can let us know what you’d like. And this is the real point: what would you like? Please let us know what your Top Three breakfast dishes are!

Meat or Veg: We do meat pretty well here in Cumbria, but we want to offer good Vegan/Vegetarian dishes too. Is a vegetarian Cumberland sausage acceptable or offensive? We’ve found the perfect veg black pudding but some tell us that they would never go near a vegetarian attempt on a Full English.

Which brings us neatly back to that communal dining room …

Breakfast in Bed: Its your holiday and if you would rather start the day in private we will be happy to serve breakfast in the rooms. And on sunny days there is always the terrace which will be dotted with tables as near or far from the other guests as you like!

Answers on a postcard, or in the comments box below!

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