By Graham and Fiona Lappin, December 3, 2015


Its been ten months since the builders arrived, and almost two years since that wet January viewing when Erica (architect) and I squelched our way around Garths quietly buzzing with the vision we all had for it.

DSCN0343 DSC02033DSC02036  DSC02044

To the untrained eye it probably doesn’t look that different today.Actually, it looks a little worse for wear at times, but doors and windows have given the barn a bit of a facelift and in spite of heavy downpours it seems to be reinventing itself as a home.

DSCN0790  20150214_081054

DSCN0767 DSCN0766 DSCN0791

Christian and Ian are laying the beautiful limestone flags,


John is dressing the bathrooms with Italian tiles (around the first Italian coloured shower trays in the country!)


The Joiner Brothers Matt and Dan are doing magical things in their workshop with dad Steve.


And today Barbara arrived with Arthur and plenty of paint. She ferried huge tins up steep ladders and got to work. No fuss. Plenty of masking tape.


Oh and then Howard arrived with three bathtubs.

DSCN0776   DSCN0789

The flagstones were still setting, Bod was digging a trench outside the only access door but everyone just put on their wellies and carried each bath (large, roll top complete with a tin of spare Farrow and Ball) through the reservoir in the field at the back of the barn and into the dining room. We have never met cheerier folk.

And we’re still working on an option for the stairs….




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