Don’t look back!

By Graham and Fiona Lappin, April 1, 2016

My parents were horrified when I took them to view Garths on a nasty January day early in 2014; silence from my mother (very rare) and quiet gasps from my father.

DSC02043 DSC02042

They didn’t see a charming farmhouse dating back to the 15th century, various outbuildings with masses of potential, 8 acres of land in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and a huge bank barn: the bit we were most interested in.

DSC02035 DSC02033

They imagined the amount of work, the amount of time, the amount of paperwork, the cost. All I could hear was Erica (architect) squealing with excitement and all I could see was masses of space and an incredible little spot. We drove to Kendal in heavy rain and wondered around in a daze until I couldn’t wait any longer and called the agent. Graham would come and see Garths months later, under strict instruction just in case he didn’t like it. I knew he would.


Its so good to look back and remind ourselves of what we might have been thinking, how we imagined it would happen and if our vision matched the beautiful space we are now welcoming guests into.


We were driven by an idea of life in a country idyll with space and air to breathe. There’s been a lot of rain, a lot of mud and a lot of builders. We’ve sometimes struggled to be patient and decisive. Now we look forward to welcoming many guests and sharing this country idyll with every one of them. And hopefully hearing their stories and sharing some dreams, because it doesn’t end here …

TM-Hall-03 TM-Boot Room-01

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