A rare sighting: a brand is born

By Graham and Fiona Lappin, December 9, 2015

Well not in these parts exactly, but this rare Malabar squirrel was spotted in the trees of the bungalow where Graham grew up in the High Range tea estates in Kerala, India when we visited last year. When we stumbled on this photograph the other day it reminded us how big a part India has played in our lives. The connection goes back three generations in Graham’s family – both his grandfather and father managed tea estates in Kerala where his mother also grew up – and it was our last foreign posting before moving to Cumbria earlier this year.


Tea will be a big part of the guest experience we offer, and why not share a little of our story too? We’ve been playing around with our brand name for months but nothing seemed to quite capture the vision we have for this project. Until we saw that photograph of that squirrel in Graham’s old jungle playground. And ‘The Malabar’ was born. A place in the country – with the kind of thoughtful hospitality that we’ve been lucky enough to experience on all our travels – that serves exceptional tea.


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