Red and yellow and pink, no grey!

April 13, 2016

We’ve been showing a lot of people around: friends, family, food/fire/hotel inspectors, telecom engineers, Times journalists. They all want to have a good look at what we’ve done and they all seem to have a bit of an opinion on colour. Who knew that a yellow bath would cause so much excitement! And that our shower […]


Would you like breakfast with that bed?

March 25, 2016

Remember Bill Bryson’s Mrs Smegma in Dover with her counterpane and her rules? There was, ‘I’m going out shortly so may I ask that you vacate your room?’ Bill was confused. ‘I’ve just got here.’ Its different now. B&Bs don’t make you sit at a tiny breakfast table staring at chipped crockery and trying not to […]


Weather obsessed

January 21, 2016

That reputation that we Brits have for talking constantly about the weather is justified, we now know. Up here (I sometimes talk about England as another place somewhere far south) in farming country there’s good reason to be weather obsessed; life revolves around it. But the last few months of heavy rain have taken their […]


Get off my land!

September 29, 2015

It all sounds very idyllic, moving to the country, but I suppose that unless you grew up on a farm (or even knew someone who did) you are going to fall out of line before too long. Dog #2 has arrived and it was all going very well until I got a bit carried away […]


The Dales Way.

July 19, 2015

  There it sits at the bottom of our field kindly fringing the Howgill Fells and snaking gently alongside ‘our part’ of the River Lune. The Dales Way has been luring us since we arrived at Garths. But at 80 miles long it isn’t really family friendly, so we took advantage of the last week […]