Knobs and knockers

By Graham and Fiona Lappin, September 29, 2015

Who knew there was such a thing as window furniture, and that choosing the right window furniture would be so significant? I hadn’t given casement stays and fasteners much thought but when you start looking into it, could have far reaching impact. What if they are too brassy, too contemporary, too classic, too twee? What if guests are so upset by them they give us a bad review on TripAdvisor? “Well the breakfast was pretty good and the views were stunning and the hosts were charming but unfortunately we can’t rate the rooms because of the dreadful window furniture ….” Thankfully our lovely joiners Steve, Matt and Dan were on hand to walk us through this harrowing decision-making exercise and our windows will be dressed beautifully with Florentine Bronze accoutrements. Then they went and spoiled everything and asked about door handles. What does your front door say about you? Assured, sophisticated, honest? Aloof, shallow and pretentious? Slippery, evasive and unwelcoming?


It was enough to drive me to Pinterest, which didn’t help. What we want to achieve at The Bank Barn is to welcome guests as friends to a place that is comforting as well as extremely comfortable, but we don’t really want it to look like a barn, if you know what I mean. You hint at luxury on the outside, yet you want to share the suggestion that we are in a place with lots of history, albeit it related mostly to farm animals and hay.


So Steve and I (oh sorry and Graham who was very much involved in the entire process of the window furniture/knobs and knockers selection committee decision making) thought a bit of hand forged beeswax would be perfect for the stable doors and less important openings, and that a mushroom mortice in deep bronze would be fitting for the Main Door. Phew. I thought choosing wall tiles, floor tiles, shower trays, sinks and taps was tricky (more on the shower trays next week but we might have one called New York Taxi).


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